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Learning to program in 6 months  

Whitaker Blackall:

Almost exactly six months ago, I decided to embark on an adventure. Before October of 2010, I had never programmed a day in my life. Okay maybe I had a week-long unit on the very very very basics in sixth grade. But that is all. I had no idea what to expect. October 19th, 2010, I tweeted: "What have I gotten myself into. I've just embarked on learning programming, having absolutely no experience. Oh man I'm already nervous." That was the beginning of a path that I'm so glad I have taken. I'm not looking back.

6 months later, Whitaker is programming moderately complex iOS games and has made impressive progress. Business founders with no technical skills should take note: you don't need to wait for someone technical to join you.

Even if you don't become a technical guru and still need help from someone who has been doing it for fifteen years rather than 6 months, every single potential cofounder that you meet will be very positively impressed by a story like that. Every single one.

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