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How to keep your sanity during launches  

Launches happen. That's true both in the startup world and in the corporate world. Sometimes they're quiet (when you sneakily release a feature and slowly apply it to your whole user population), and sometimes they're very loud (we've launched! sign up now for a first-day 50% discount today only!).

No matter what your development process, if you build cool stuff for a living, at some point you will launch something, and then all hell will break loose. Paraphrasing Michael Lopp: Launching a product isn't going to kill you, but it will try.

Here are Erin Bury's tips on how to survive:

  • Make sure all hands are on deck before, during and after.
  • Know that you will encounter technical difficulties.
  • Know that some people will attack and criticise you.
  • Make it easy for people to share their feedback and set aside time to respond.
  • Don't miss the PR opportunity.
  • Spread the word to the network of founders and customers that you know.

The last one is a great point. Don't just launch online - tell everyone else too.

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