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Meet founders via Olark?  

Borski suggests using Olark to meet startup founders:

Every time I'm on a startup's website and I notice they have an Olark chat (or something similar), I click it, almost by instinct. (...) Usually I'll start the chat with a "Hey, I'm Borski. I just got here. How are you?" and it progresses from there.

Note to founders: if you have Olark or a similar chat-back tool installed, you probably need to think of a way to recognise these kinds of chats and politely make them a lower priority. They will only multiply with time, and a few hours of extra distraction here or there could make the difference between success and failure.

In general, someone is usually on, and while some people would feel bad about bothering the people sitting on the other end of the chat (usually the founders), I figure they're putting themselves out there to be bothered. If they are too busy, the onus is on them to tell me so.

Founders are always too busy. They're trying to move an ocean with a teacup. Tools like Olark help them get feedback that they're moving the wrong ocean or have a teacup with holes in it. They're not there for casual chat.

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