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A great cold email to an angel  

David Cohen of TechStars presents an example of what he calls a "perfect" cold introduction email, and some advice on what makes it work:

  1. He knows my background, and frames the question that he has with that relevant context.
  2. He understands who I am (references to TechStars).
  3. He gets that I'm seeing a million groupon clones and makes me chuckle a little.
  4. He's clearly generally intelligent/articulate. His writing has an easy style.
  5. He speaks my language. He references "Pinpoint" (the previous company name, before it was bought by ZOLL and started being called that). He mentions "summer program" even though he's in Australia where this will actually be winter time. He references SimpleGeo, another of my investments. He's making the question easy for me to answer.

Read on for the full example.

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