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How to appear trustworthy on social media  

Many people get this wrong when they get started, attempting to create a fake persona and to "cheat" the social game in some way. This is not productive in the long run. The key points, for a healthy social media persona, proposed by the Harvard Business Review are:

  1. Express more vulnerability
  2. Mix professional and personal lives
  3. Provoke
  4. Promote others
  5. Be active in tending to your social network

One choice extract:

It is much easier to build trust if people have a more holistic view of who you are. Try mixing it up — you might be surprised by the results.

Businesses don't buy products. People buy products. And, where high-touch sales are concerned, people buy products from people they trust. Nowadays, people will often check who you are by googling your name, before deciding whether to do business with you.

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