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The Lean Startup frenzy?  

In classic "balanced" journalistic style, InfoQ's Christopher Goldsbury presents arguments for and against "the Lean Startup movement". There's nothing hugely exciting in the article, but it's a good springboard for some thinking, as demonstrated by the (more valuable) HN comments on that article.

My thoughts? Although very familiar with Eric Ries' blog, I'm still reading the book (properly, with notes, so it's taking a while), so I'll keep most of my thoughts for the point where I've finished reading it.

However, what is relatively clear to me right away is that, much like the 4-hour work week, this method of achieving success is a lot of hard work. That's not a surprise or a problem, but it might explain why people don't see lots of magical awesome startups coming out of Eric Ries' methods. To make proper use of these methods, you need to be willing to work hard and with great discipline. Most people simply can't be bothered.

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