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How Andrew Plotkin raised $24k on Kickstarter  

A surprisingly informative article, for CNN, by Andrew Plotkin describing how he raised $24k via Kickstarter. He proposes some tips to access this innovative way of raising funds (and not losing equity features in the process):

  • Say up front what you want to do with the money
  • Have a great video
  • Break down your audience into key groups and be sure to give them all something to satisfy them
  • For a game project, include a demo
  • Don't be afraid to plug yourself and your CV
  • Don't be a jerk - actively. Say thank you to everybody, early and often.

He also actively promoted his project by contacting interactive-fiction-related publications and getting them to help.

In short, raising via Kickstarter will take a lot of effort if you want to succeed, much like any other fundraising method. If you can raise via Kickstarter rather than traditional funding routes (or if traditional funding routes are closed to you), it's certainly worth considering.

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