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Academics of entrepreneurship: MBAs vs experience  

Here are two interesting articles, neither of which would be interesting enough on its own, but together they make a relevant point.

First, an opinion piece at the reputable Economist declares that MBAs are not worth bothering with, for a variety of reasons:

... business is fundamentally about two things, innovating and selling, and that most MBA programmes teach neither.

And along comes Steve Blank with an article pointing out that:

  1. 12-year olds can learn how to run a successful business.
  2. "It’s best taught as a full immersion, 'get out of the building, make it, sell it and do it' experience"

So perhaps MBAs are still relevant, but they should pivot to the 12-year old market...

A great many entrepreneurs also feel that MBAs are not really worth the time. If you want to learn how to run a business, the best place to do so is on the job, running a business.

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