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Dealing with a bad techcrunch review  

Update: Thanks to David Verhasselt for letting me know the link is dead. Luckily, I found a mirror here.

Josh Liu, London-based founder of MinuteBox, reacts to a bad TechCrunch review of his startup, and draws some key lessons:

  1. Great execution is key to getting your product understood;
  2. It is your responsibility to explain your product well, not the journalists';
  3. Not everyone will like your idea, and that's ok;
  4. Connect to the tech community to find the right team and/or cofounders.

This point is a familiar story:

When I was starting to work on MinuteBox, I knew no one in the tech community. I did not like social networking events. I was full of myself. I thought I had learnt a lot of things in business school. I just needed a developer and a designer to launch my business. Eventually, I found a developer and a designer through my friends. They are extremely nice people and were very helpful to me. However, they were not the right talent to execute the idea.

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