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Dropbox for Teams  

Dropbox has become an essential tool for many startups, but because shared folders take up space in both the originating account and the destination account, it can be a bit unwieldy for teams. Up until now, the proposed solution was that every team member should upgrade their account. At $99/year, this can scale up quite quickly.

So it's great that they finally support team accounts. However, the pricing seems wrong.

Dropbox for Teams is affordable, and at a discount compared to buying personal Dropbox accounts individually. Starting at just $795/year, Dropbox for Teams includes five user licenses and 350GB of shared storage. Additional user licenses are available for $125/year with additional storage priced at $200 for 100GB/year.

I don't see the discount. A team of 5 active people who all upgrade to Pro 50 will cost $500 / year, whereas the team account will cost $800. Dropbox Team gets more storage, but then what they're selling is not team accounts, it's extra storage accounts. Given that the cost then scales up at $125/user/year, this means that unless you need more than 50GB of storage, it is never worth upgrading to the team account.

I hope they come up with a better pricing model for smaller teams soon. $300 can make a big difference for small startups. At this price, many people I know who have teams on Dropbox won't be purchasing this. Some HN comments agree.

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